Frequently Asked Questions

How much is monthly tuition?

All rates are the same per instrument. All lessons are 1-1 private lessons and taught once per week, (48 lessons per year) on-site at our music studio in Wylie. 30 minute lesson, $136 per month 45 minute lesson, $193 per month 60 minute lesson, $258 per month Each new student is charged a one time $40 registration fee, which includes a T-Shirt.

How many lessons will I receive per year?

Ballard Street Music provides 48 weekly lessons per year, which averages 4 lessons per month. Some months have 3 lessons, and some months have 5 lessons, but over the course of a year, you'll receive 48 lessons.

Where are lessons taught?

All lessons are taught in or 3,000 Sq Ft. music school. We don't offer home lessons.

When are you closed?

The school is closed for 4 weeks per year for instructor vacations, National Holidays, etc. and you don't pay for lessons when the school is closed.

When is tuition due?

The monthly tuition payment is the same for all 12 months of the year and is due on the 25th of the month, for the following month. A $10 late fee is charged for payments after the 5th.

What payment forms do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Cash, Check, ACH bank withdrawls

Is there a contract?

We ask each new student to sign a 4 month initial contract, to dissuade them from quitting too soon. After 4 months, enrollment is month-to-month, with 2 weeks courtsey notice requested if stopping.

Do you offer make-up lessons?

Piano students are provided a group make-up lesson on the first Monday of each month. Generally, in case of a... Student absence for Illness: Please provide a doctors note and a make-up class will be provided. Due to our instructors full schedules, you may be offered a group make-up class. Student Absence for convenience: Refunds/credits will not be given for a student absence for convenience. Make-up lessons will only be considered for medical emergencies, or other urgent conflicts. Instructor Absence: Substitute instructors will be available for lessons in the event of an instructor absence. If there is no substitute for the class, the student will receive a credit for the lesson missed and a makeup lesson will be provided.

Do you offer discounted tuition?

We offer a number of discounted tuition rates: 1. Pay In Full. New students/parents may choose to pay the initial 4 month commitment when they sign up ($516.80). If payment is made in full at registration, we'll apply a 5% discount – a savings of $25 ! 2. Returning students. Registration fees are waived for all returning students and additional family members.
3. Home School. Students enrolled in home school receive a 5% discount per month ($129.20) if they take lessons before 4 PM. 4. Multi-student household. Each additional student receives a 10% discount each month ($122.40).

How do I sign up for my free "Meet & Greet" lesson?

To sign up for our free lesson, please contact our office manager at 972-429-0047, email, or fill in the form at the contact us page.

Do you offer recitals?

Yes, we offer two recitals per year. One in the late spring, and one at Christmas time.

Can I request a lower monthly tuition if I'm going out of town, or on vacation?

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate any request to schedule make-ups, process refunds, reduce the monthly tuition invoice or provide deferred lesson plans for missed lessons, vacations, or planned absences.

Can I take the summer off from lessons?

Since we teach lessons year round, we are unable to accommodate requests to hold time slots during planned summer breaks or extended vacations. To be fair to our instructors, all schedules are filled on a first come basis, so if you choose to stop taking lessons during the summer, your preferred instructor / day / time slot may not be available when you return in the Fall. If you wish to keep your preferred time slot with your instructor during the summer months, you can choose to pay your normal monthly tuition fee.

How do you ensure my child's safety during lessons?

We take everyone's safety very seriously here at Ballard Street Music School. We use CC video monitors in the common areas, and instructor studios, and all of our studio doors have windows so you can see into the studio from the waiting room. We welcome parents or guardians sitting in with the instructors while the lesson is being taught.

What are your hours?

We are open from Noon to 8:30 PM on Monday through Thursday, and Noon to 6:30 PM on Friday. We are not currently open on the weekends.