Guitar Lessons

Our goal is to provide high quality guitar lessons at a fair price.

 Here at Ballard Street Music School we are dedicated to the success of our students through focused guitar lessons.  We focus on making learning to play the guitar fun.  We teach each student at their own pace, and emphasize creating guitar lesson plans that the student will enjoy.  Our expert instructors focus on the six pillars of instruction:

  1. Instrument history, construction, and tuning

  2. Sight reading sheet music, including tab, chord charts and jazz sheet music.

  3. Correct technique for all styles of music including rock, jazz, country, classical, etc.

  4. Music Theory (beginning, Int., Adv.) to provide the student a road map of the guitar.

  5. Ear Training to recognize notes, and intervals (i.e. play what you're hearing)

  6. Soloing and Improvisation techniques so you can play along with other musicians, or create your own compositions.

For beginners we start off learning about the guitar, hold to sit and hold the guitar, and how to play the strings.  As you progress through learning how to play we introduce skill and technique appropriate exercises, and finally onto advanced music theory and soloing skills.