Piano Lessons

Our goal is to provide high quality piano lessons at a fair price.

Here are the key details about our piano lesson program:

Here at Ballard Music School we are dedicated to the musical success of our students. We have five wonderful piano teachers that will commit to the growth of you or your child's musical abilities through focused and enjoyable piano lessons.  Since we are a music school, the focus of our piano lessons are on the fundamentals of playing the piano, including reading sheet music, using both hands in synchronization, aural ear training and teaching you music theory.  Whether you're a beginner or and advanced player, we can teach you the correct fundamentals of piano playing and technique. 

Your piano lessons will include:

How to read Sheet Music 
Efficient Practice
Ear Training
Memory Training
Music Theory
Performance Skills

Selecting an instructor for piano lessons is a very personal decision.  Its important for both parties to trust each other, and to enjoy your time together.  The best way we have found to match the student with the right instructor is to have a meet & greet piano lesson, so you can see if we have the right instructor for you.

Our piano lesson program has 5 excellent instructors: